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The goals of the conference are:


 * Develop a national patient-led medical cannabis policy agenda. Those affected directly by medical cannabis policy must have a seat at the table when discussing the issue. Medical cannabis patients and their loved ones know what they need. They are experts, just like doctors, lawyers, and lawmakers. The best outcomes for patients result from listening to what patients need. The input of other stakeholders is also necessary. We need to hear from doctors, researchers, cultivation, lawmakers, the public, and others to frame the most effective possible agenda for Ireland. The policy agenda may include expanding the list of conditions that can be treated with cannabis, increasing the variety of cannabis goods available in Ireland, establishing emergency access programs for patients, and more. 


* Provide a national platform for medical cannabis patients to discuss their use of medical cannabis, the barriers to safe access in Ireland, and reforms to address those needs. Citizens and lawmakers need to hear directly from patients about the use of and barriers to secure access. PFSA will provide a stage for the crucial conversation, beginning with our conference on 11 June. Our conference is the first step in an ongoing campaign to amplify patients' voices. 


* Learn and share practical strategies for talking to lawmakers, the media, and the community about medical cannabis. Training and empowering advocates are essential to building an effective grassroots base. We will provide experienced trainers to talk about the do's and don't of talking about medical cannabis. This training includes telling your story to lawmakers and the media. Simple and practical tips will make any patient an effective advocate. The same strategies work for other stakeholders. 


* Discuss issues related to patients’ access and wellbeing, including medical cannabis science, efficacy, safety, testing, legal consequences and precautions, and more. We want to hear from experts about medical cannabis science, efficacy, and legal challenges. The conference will include a panel of experts to discuss these topics in detail.

* Share experiences and insights into overcoming misinformation, stigma, and discrimination against patients. Many stakeholders in Ireland misunderstand medical cannabis. Patients struggle with misinformation and bias, which can result in discrimination in access to health care, financial inequity, housing, parental rights, and employment. We want to draw on the wisdom of conference participants regarding what types of discrimination and stigma they face and their experience in overcoming it.

Guest speakers include:

  • Richard Creagh - Oleo

  • Gino Kenny T.D. - Cannabis Regulation Bill 

  • Dr. Gareth Mc Govern - Addiction specialist

  • Peter Reynolds - Cannabis Industry Council UK

  • Carly Barton - CanCard 

  • Natalie O’ Regan - Master at Law 

  • Martin O’ Brien - Patients Care Collective, Foxworthy Farms, California

  • Alicia Maher - Medical Refugee 

  • Pamela Barnes - Ryan’s Right

  • Stephen Garland - Medical Refugee

  • Martin Condon - Cannabis Activist of the year 2022

  • Aimee Brown - Endo with Aimee

  • Charlene Flynn - Major Group for Cannabis Reform

  • Aishling Hudson - Cannabis Activist Alliance

  • Tom Curran - Cannabis Patient Carer

  • Ryan Mc Hale - Crainn

  • Alan Robinson - Cannabis Advocate - Cannabis Club NI

  • Kenny Tynan - Cannabis Patient

  • Deborah Downey - Medical Cannabis

Level 1 Sponsorship - ONLY 5 PLACES AVAILABLE


Your business logo will feature:


At the venue - The Sugar Club in Dublin -  all promotional material on site in the venue, including backgrounds and programmes. The sponsors will be thanked by the host at the start and at the end of the show.


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Mail Drop to all our members on our website.


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420 News - Live Podcast - 4k on Facebook, 2k Subscribers on YouTube. Level 1 sponsors will be mentioned weekly where possible leading up to the event.


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Your business logo will feature on 200 programmes that will be given to the audience as they arrive. Sponsors will be thanked by the host at the start and the end of the event.


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Mail Drop - 200 active members (Text Link Only)


Video content of the event - The event will be recorded for future release on our website and social media, and. your logo will feature on two published clips.

Conference Sponsorship Application

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