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32 Country Protest - Get Involved - 420

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

The prohibition of Cannabis is a crime against humanity. This plant has a lot to offer us and keeping it illegal only benefits criminals who are empowered by its prohibition.

Whether you are a cannabis user or not , cannabis prohibition affects you and you need to stand up against it. Your tax money is used to fight a failing war on cannabis, which puts patients and consumers at risk of raids on the family home, fines, or even jail time.

You do not deserve to be criminalized and have our ability to travel and work infringed upon because we benefit from this plant and this needs to change. Likewise, research into the benefits of this plant both medically and industrially need to be explored further so we can more effectively harness everything this plant has to offer us.

If you want to get involved and participate in your own protest in your county let me know. You can reach me on many of the Martins World social media channels and also through my email

A protest can be as simple as holding a short demonstration in your village, town or city. Holding up a placard with a saying such as "Make It Medicine", "Cannabis Reform" or even "Every Patient Matters", get a photo or video back to us so it can be compiled into a video that will showcase the support for this change right across the island of Ireland.

So don't delay get in touch let me know about your protest and I will do everything I can to help you in the process.

All protests must be within the current guidelines.

Protests already confirmed in








and many more TBC.

Peace & Love

Martin Condon

Patients For Safe Access

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