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Civil Disobedience - The Taoiseach

Martin Condon of Martins World and Patients For Safe Access took part in a civil disobedience protest outside An Taoiseach's constituency office yesterday on April 14 2021.

Martin brought what appeared to be a cannabis plant to an Taoiseach's constituency office, in Cork as part of his campaign for legislation of cannabis and the 32 county protest for cannabis legislation in conjunction with Patients For Safe Access.

"Cannabis should be regulated like grapes, you can grow as many grapes as you like for yourself and your friends, once you start selling those grapes, you require a further regulations"

He then continued to knock on the office door to see if anyone is there.

Watch the full video here too see what happens..

For more details on the 32 County Protest

Disclaimer* Patients For Safe Access does not recommend ANYONE to engage in illegal activities as a form of protest. A simple act of making a sign is enough. Send it on to us at or on any of our socials so we can add it to our website.

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