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Director of PFSA makes the national newspapers

Martin Condon, one of the Directors of PFSA (Patients For Safe Access) was recently featured in the national newspapers Sunday World and Irish Examiner for his heroic activism efforts in standing up for patients rights and safe access to medicinal cannabis.

Martin posted a video showing him planting six cannabis plants near the Bridewell Garda Station, in Cork to highlight the ongoing difficulties and suffering that patients are having due to the highly restrictive program developed by government - Medicinal Cannabis Access Program - MCAP.

Martin especially highlighted two cases in particular, Vera Twomey and Alicia Maher, by placing signs beside the plants with the hashtags #talktovera and #BringAliciaHome

"Patients here in Ireland are still at the mercy of drug dealers who are not required to maintain a minimum standard of quality,” he said.

"The growing of the cannabis plant should not be a criminal matter and patients should have fair and effective access to cannabis as a medicine. That’s why I’m out, staging a little civil disobedience for these patients."

Alicia moved from Ireland to Alicante in order to access the drug which she says has completely changed her life. Alicia was taking 30 tablets a day for pain management, and now relies totally on cannabis to treat her symptoms. Alicia was once bed-bound and in severe pain, she is now writing a PhD in law. Alicia does not qualify for reimbursement for medical cannabis under MCAP, despite a mountain of evidence, chronic pain is not a qualifying condition currently under the rules of the program.

Vera Twomey has been campaigning for access to medical cannabis for her severely epileptic daughter Ava, said it had saved her life. Although Vera is being reimbursed, she has to come up with €9,500 every three months to prepay for the medicine.

Read the articles:

Watch the full video:

Martin and other members of PFSA will be present at the Major Protest - 10th July - 2pm - Wellington Monument - Phoenix Park, Dublin. Come up and talk to us, join our cause.

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