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Condon's Civil Disobedience Campaign

"Civil disobedience is not only the natural right of a people, especially when they have no effective voice in their own Government, but that it is also a substitute for violence or armed rebellion. An unjust law is itself a species of violence. Arrest for its breach is more so." - Ghandi

Cannabis Activists take note. Martin Condon of Martin's World and Patients For Safe Access has made several acts of civil disobedience in protest of cannabis legislation in the past, including planting a cannabis plant outside of Cork City Hall, handing in a pot with cannabis seeds which were planted by various activists to the Garda Station, and most recently handing in approximately 1 gram of cannabis flower to the local gardaí (CBD Flower) as a way of highlighting the waste of Garda time and resources, court time, and tax payers money that simple possession of cannabis by a citizen can bring.

Martin plans to do one act of civil disobedience each month of this year to highlight the injustice of cannabis prohibition. This month, since it's valentines day, on February 14th, Martin intends to gift cannabis flowers to the Gardaí as an act of protest and civil disobedience.

Martin Condon writes:

"This Valentines day I want to see the cannabis community give thanks to the Gardaí who do a great job criminalizing by calling to your local Garda station and giving them some cannabis flowers.

I will be going calling by with a few bags to my local station hopefully I will have enough flowers for them all. #FlowerPower

This is a Civil Disobedience protest to highlight the need to end cannabis prohibition and to stop criminalizing the drug user. Prohibition has failed and it puts our Gardaí and communities needlessly at risk."

If any member would like to do the same this Valentines Day - Please see details on

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