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What do we want? Safe Access!

What do we want? Safe Access! When do we want it? Now!

On Saturday 10th July 2021, over 1100 people attended The Major Protest for Cannabis Reform in Phoenix Park, and Patients For Safe Access members were there to participate on behalf of patients that could not attend, with a special message of "Bring Alicia Home" and "Talk to Vera" to highlight the restrictive medicinal cannabis program which does not provide for these patients whom have prescriptions and licences.

Patients For Safe Access members were there to provide information, talk to patients and consumers, to listen to their stories on how cannabis benefits them medically or therapeutically.

The protest march went from the Wellington Monument, past the Criminal Courts of Justice, up to the Garda Headquarters, and back to the Wellington Monument to be greeted with cheers from the few that had remained at the event. The event was very well organised and the march was lead by Charlene Flynn of The Major Protest for Cannabis Reform Group. Charlene first lead the chants of "What do we want - Safe Access", "We are not criminals", "Bring Alicia Home" and "Talk to Vera". The crowd engaged loudly in response and unity for the cause, and were very polite and friendly to Garda direction - including a request to "keep it down" as the protesters were passing a family on the street who just happened to be onlookers. These weren't any ordinary protesters. These were respectful, peaceful and unified. It was the same with the Gardaí - hats off to them. They were so professional in clearing the route for the protest march, and they brought a friendly presence to the event with their smiles and chats with the attendees.

The biggest message we received on the day is that there are many people self medicating for medical problems, but consider it recreational use because they enjoy consuming cannabis. These people are in danger of being left out of the medicinal cannabis access program, and being forced to buy sub standard, untested cannabis on the street to treat their ailment. A cannabis patient is anyone who benefits therapeutically from consuming cannabis. We need to address harm reduction by including such cases in a wider safe access scheme. So, if you can, become a member of Patients For Safe Access today, be part of our cause, it's free to join, and members will have benefits for upcoming events hosted by PFSA.

Big thanks to the organisers. The day went great overall with raffles and giveaways galore, and we can't wait to see you all at the next one.

Here's some pictures from the day courtesy of Martin Condon, Little Collins CBD and DOR. Click/Tap for full images.

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